General Approach

Pursuant to article L.533-22-1 of the « Code monétaire et financier », investors must be informed by Kreaxi of how Environmental, Social and Governance criteria are integrated in its management process.

KREAXI is highly sensitive to the ESG objectives and has implemented systematically the ESG criteria in the investment policy of the Funds BV5 and ARACIII. BV5 and ARAC III share represent respectively 33% and 19% of the total managed by KREAXI as of June, 30, 2018. BV4 (8% of the total) has also integrated these criteria during the monitoring of companies in portfolio.

Investors are informed that the ESG criteria are not taken into account in the other Funds managed by Kreaxi.

Since March 2014, KREAXI is a signatory of the UN-PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and has implemented a Chart signed by all the team members. This document updated in 2018 remind the ESG policy in KREAXI and in the portfolio companies hold by BV4, BV5 and ARAC III.

This information will be updated on an annual basis or in case of any amendment in the ESG policy within KREAXI.