1/ Claims process


A claim is a statement of a client’s dissatisfaction with a professional. A request for a service or benefit, a request for information, clarification or a request for advice cannot be considered as a claim.

Any claim relating to a KREAXI product or service should be made directly to the Management Company.


101 Chemin Vert


Tel :



KREAXI shall acknowledge receipt within a maximum of ten working days from receipt of the complaint, unless the response itself is provided to the customer within this period.

Kreaxi will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to the claim that has been brought to its attention, within a maximum period of two months from receipt of the claim.

The processing of a claim by the management company is free of charge, the client shall not bear any specific costs (administrative, research or other costs, etc.) related to the processing of his claim.

In case of disagreement with the answer or solution that will be provided, the claimant will have the possibility to call the :

AMF Ombudsman Autorité des marchés financiers

17 place de la Bourse

75082 PARIS CEDEX 02



2/ Shareholder commitment

KREAXI has a shareholder commitment policy that sets out the conditions under which it exercises the voting rights attached to the securities held by the vehicles it manages.

Politique d’engagement actionnarial

Rapport engagement actionnarial 2022

3/ Intermediation costs

KREAXI did not make use of investment decision support and order execution services whose costs exceeded EUR 500,000 during the financial year.

4/ Remuneration policy

The remuneration policy is not made available on the website, but is included in the annual reports of the funds.

5/ Conflict of Interest policy

The purpose of this document is to inform our clients about the steps we have taken to prevent and detect conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of our business.


6/ Selection Policy of intermediaries / Best Selection

KREAXI has defined a procedure for the selection of intermediaries that defines the selection, control and monitoring of third party institutions to which the management company delegates certain management functions.