Why the ambition to act as a responsible investor? 

Because every company, large or small, has a role to play in the social and environmental transition of our territory, Kreaxi is committed, as a local actor strongly integrated in its economic environment for more than 30 years, to accompany all the invested companies of its portfolio, so that they integrate the social and environmental impact in their strategic and operational decisions.

We commit ourselves

Since 2008, Kreaxi has been involved in a voluntary approach, which takes the form of commitments as a signatory of:

  • UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2014 to work towards more sustainable finance (UN-PRI)
  • From the Parity Charter of France Invest (link charter) and Sista Charter in favor of female entrepreneurship since 2019 (WeareSista)
  • France Invest’s Investors for Growth Charter since 2008

We take action

  • Internal ESG Charter signed by all employees (pdf link)
  • Reporting Article 29 of the Energy Climate Law (pdf link)
  • Policy on Sustainability Risks integration and Principal Adverse Impacts statement (pdf link)
  • Choice of 2 benchmarks to analyze our portfolio: SDG and Iris+

Our priorities

  • Financing innovation and development of the territory
  • Sustainable jobs and economic growth
  • Good health and well-being of the population
  • Training and development of skills (training and transmission)
  • Circular economy (waste management, responsible consumption and eco-design)
  • Inclusion and equal opportunities (economic, gender)


We transmit

To our funded companies and our Limited Partners and Shareholders

  • Guide of recommendations to portfolio companies for the implementation of a ESG policy
  • Preparation of an ESG report sent to our Limited Partners and Shareholders

Within Kreaxi

  • Training of internship analysts each year on ESG issues
  • Kreaxi’s carbon footprint
  • Creation and management of the ESG Committee
  • Training of the entire team on ESG, CSR, SDG and Iris+.
  • Permanent update of our ESG policy