back office assistant

Lydia joined Rhône Alpes Création in 2008 as a Back-Office assistant.

Lydia monitors the General Assemblies of our regional portfolio companies and manages the relations with Bpifrance financement. She is also in charge of updating the statistics for the latter, in particular regarding the ESG (Ethical, Social, Governance) criteria.

Prior to joining Kreaxi, Lydia was the administrative and accounting manager for a small family-run business. Earlier on in her career, Lydia served in the private bank Fideuram Wargny, including working on the securities transaction process and the share register. Throughout these work experiences Lydia has gained essential accounting reflexes and has developed a capacity for synthesis necessary to the interpretation of financial data.


Lydia holds a diploma in accounting and management and has continually evolved in the middle and back-office areas throughout her career.