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Kreaxi is an investment management firm, with more than 30 years of experience, specialized in the equity financing of in innovative and tech startup. We invest 100 k€ to 2.5 M€ in the first financing rounds to accompany the entrepreneurs in the seed and acceleration phases of their startups.

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“Kreaxi invested in 2015 and is represented as a censor in the board of directors of our company. From day one I saw Kreaxi as a pragmatic partner, very focused on our core business. Our exchanges within the board are really constructive and oriented to reach our common goals. Kreaxi has an huge network in startup and medical ecosystems that helps us greatly. I’ve been really impressed how Kreaxi shared so quickly our international growth strategy in emerging coutries, such as China.”


“The innovative and technological startup is a long-run race on spike heel, with an elastic on the back and a time bomb in the pocket. This metaphor shows the uncertainty and cash management. Kreaxi has been present by our side  from day one and still today to help us face these issues. In the name of Amoeba, thank you Kreaxi!”



Sylvain TILLON & Timothée SAUMET, TILKEE

“Kreaxi is really present to support us in our development : participation in boards, wise advices, go-between with prospects… It’s a real chance to have an implicated and motivated investor!”



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