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Kreaxi est une société de gestion spécialisée depuis plus de 30 ans dans l’investissement au capital de startups innovantes et technologiques à fort potentiel. Kreaxi intervient au premier tour de table avec des tickets d’investissement de 100k€ à 2m€ pour accompagner les entrepreneurs dans les phases d’amorçage,  d’accélération et de développement.

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Kreaxi was an early financial partner for Sentryo who backed us through the two rounds of financing and took an active part in the success of the sale to Cisco. Kreaxi indeed believed in our project from its proof of concept. In addition to its experience in technological innovation, Kreaxi brought us their knowledge of the industrial world, made of transformation challenges but also long cycles and the way they work with start-ups. Kreaxi has been a particularly active member of our advisory board and a supportive partner for the management team.

Ghislain KAISER


During five years, Kreaxi backed us, adviced and supported us, when it came to structuring our first fundraising, until the acquisition by a large american group. The relationship with Kreaxi was a real partnership driven by mutual trust and shared interests of success while respecting the autonomy and leadership of the management team.



To create a new innovative tech venture looks like a long-distance sprint race with stiletto heels, an elastic in the back and a time bomb in the pocket. All this to materialize uncertainty, mistrust and cash flow pressure. Kreaxi has been there by our side from day one, and still today, to minimize all of these constraints. On behalf of Amoeba, thank you to your teams!



Kreaxi was the lead investor in Mathym’s seed round. While we were only at the very beginning of the adventure, with ideas that we knew to be scalable, an economic model that was still not very robust, Kreaxi was able to trust us. Kreaxi believed in the project, in the team who carried it, and worked hard from start to finish. Kreaxi's presence on the board, advices, balanced positions as well as permanent common sense were invaluable during the second round of financing and the sale of Mathym to Baikowski. Also, in the periods of cloudy weather, I could always count on the support of Kreaxi's teams. Without Kreaxi's participation, Mathym's story would have been different.



Kreaxi was the Decisive Actor in Terrésens "early stages". Indeed, thanks to their wise advice and continuous support, I was first able to apply, modify and then readjust my initial business plan . The story that is written is never the one you imagine! More than just a financial investor, Kreaxi opened up its network, guided me by providing with real expertise and permanent recommendations. The discussions I was able to have with them allowed me to have an outside vision, to take a step back, to feel less alone and in the end to make the right decisions! This allowed me to build an ambitious vision for the future of my Group and to maximize my growth prospects.

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